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Fairtheoir Thuaidh
Pronounced a little like far·hoar who·ig, a publishing maisonette looked down upon by pygmies. A minuscule vanity publishing tent created to provide U.U.I.D.s for three e-books of poetry by J.P. Ó Nuanáin.
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Self-anthro­promorph­izing monkey

Nine whines from the edge of somebody

Published on

Nine illegally, or otherwise, alienated poems. Crows, bear-suits, and the buzzings of intimate flies.

If, by the glimmer of some far distant star, you have read this book; please take this opportunity to brag about your erudition on the Goodreads page for ‘Self-anthro­promorph­izing monkey’. Though as the character Cliff Poncier in the 1992 film Singles said: “Wait a minute, man. I don’t want to hear anything negative.”

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